Nowadays, fashion has become another outlet for you to express yourself, by wearing your favorite color, favorite style, or maybe your favorite interests printed on your treasured T-shirts and hoodies. We all know that different occasions and settings require different outfits, or in other terms dress codes.

In this article, we will be sharing with you the dress code for Sankayi Restaurant and Lounge, and also give you a few ideas on what to wear for a night out in a lounge!

Sankayi Restaurant and Lounge Dress Code

When it comes to the dress code for Sankayi Restaurant and Lounge, it is a mixture between casual and classy.

We do encourage all our clients to express their sense of fashion in whatever way they would like, as long as it is within the spectrum of smart casual. Think of it as a way to marry your casual jeans, with a beautiful button-up shirt, and add your flare and whatever accessories to it.

We would like to also have you avoid wearing, shorts, tank tops, or sandals. Designer and clean-looking sneakers are always welcome, you have to be comfortable to enjoy the music and dance all night!

More importantly, for your safety and ours, we do insist that you wear your mask.

Smart Casual For Men

Here are a few smart casual outfit ideas for our gentlemen:

  • Tops: When it comes to tops, you have to think of the color contrast that you want to create within your outfit. You will also need to choose which element within your outfit will be the statement piece. It’s always great to go for texture and different colors, and from there you can choose whether you want to go for a button-up paired with a casual blazer, or with a clean polo shirt, or even a nicely designed sweater all depending on the weather!
  • Bottoms: For the bottoms, the world is your oyster, just avoid wearing shorts. You can go for chinos, dress pants, and of course the classic jeans to break the formal look.
  • Shoes: For shoes, we need to try and avoid any flip-flops, or casual running shoes. Let’s aim for footwear that will elevate the whole look. You can go for loafers, oxfords, and sleek boots.
  • Accessories: For the accessories, you can add any type of jewelry that would complement the entire outfit, and of course, a great watch, can enhance the look and give it that final oomph.

Smart Casual For Women

Here are a few smart casual outfit ideas for the beautiful ladies:

  • Tops: To achieve the smart casual look, we suggest that you go for a variety of blouses, and from there you can play on the texture, colors, and even styling. You can a nice dressy jacket on top, or even a blazer, to really give it that formal mixture.
  • Bottoms: You can go for classy leggings, silk pants, or even a pair of chinos. Also depending on which top you have chosen, you can choose dress pants to break the look. Skinny jeans are also a great option.
  • Shoes: Let’s avoid any casual running shoes, and you can obviously elevate your look by going for heels, from low, mid to high, the choice is yours! You can also rock some knee-high boots if the weather allows it, and you also have the option to go with loafers or oxfords.
  • One-piece outfits: For the one-piece, you can obviously choose a beautiful dress, or even go with the unorthodox jumpsuit, and style it with a beautiful belt.
  • Accessories: Keep the look refined and your accessories light, so they can complement your outfit.