With a rich heritage of more than two decades, Sankayi Lounge has made its roots in Sandton by delivering a memorable and unique touch to the lifestyle business in South Africa.

Coupled with its prestigious and luxurious decor, our uniqueness is part of an African and international setting that makes our lounge a must-see place worth the detour. Our passion for music goes beyond ordinary standards and the professionalism of our diverse team is what makes Sankayi the place to be.

We are also extending our invitation to enjoy our delightful menu in our mouth-watering and very well-known restaurant in Sandton.

Our vision entails wanting to change the entertainment industry by remaining one of the best international lounge in Sandton, and contribute to the wealth of our continent as we inspire future generations.

We make sure to reinvent ourselves in order to exceed your expectations so you can have a once in a lifetime experience.


Music is the language that feeds the soul. We understand the importance of it and we invest a lot of efforts by having the best resident and guest DJs that will break the rules of the game.

Whether it’s sipping a drink with friends or relaxing after a long day at work, no one can resist the musical spell that drives Sankayi. Want to live the experience of a lifetime? Look no further. As one of the best African lounges in Sandton, and the most inclusive Afrobeats lounge in Sandton, we thrive to immortalize the moment by adding the perfect music build-up for each portion of the night.

As the night fades, the music will keep you awake and dancing all night long. Join the vibe in our Lounge in Sandton.