If you happen to be enjoying yourself in the beautiful country of South Africa, and you have stumbled upon Johannesburg, then in this article you will get to know what are the best activities to do, for you to make your trip one of a kind and memorable.

Johannesburg over the years has become its own cultural and lingual melting pot. You will find multiple cultures, ethnicities, and languages spoken in this gorgeous city. For a city that has flourished due to its most precious mineral gold, it is now still growing through different economical outlets.

Without further ado, here are the best 5 activities you can enjoy while in Johannesburg!

Gold Reef City

As we have previously mentioned how monumental the discovery of gold was for not only Johannesburg but also South Africa as a whole. For you to uncover more of the gold rush era and learn about it, the Gold Reef City is the perfect place for you.

It is a unique amusement park that can be found on an old gold mine, the overall theme is cradling the history of gold that started all the way back in 1886. The way the buildings were made, with the purpose of emulating the same feel and architectural structure of that same period.

The fun, however, does not stop there. Within the Gold Reef City, you will also find water rides, roller coasters, and a lot more to discover!

Mandela House

Nelson Mandela requires no introduction, as his name still holds a lot of weight, and his accomplishments will forever resonate within our memory.

While you are in Johannesburg, the Mandela House is a must-visit. Located in Orlando West in Soweto, this is the house that Nelson Mandela has lived in from 1946 to 1962 and that has now been converted to a museum in his memory.

Within the Mandela house, you will find a collection of paintings, photographs, and also memorabilia that captures the spirit of Nelson Mandela along with that of his family.

Lion & Safari Park

This is one of the most flabbergasting parts of Johannesburg, as you get to experience a real Safari, within an establishment that has prepared a facility that puts the animals first along with their safety, their health, and more than anything their happiness. Within this exciting tour, you will be able to enjoy all types of wildlife, but the cherry on the cake is the lions that look so majestic, while they stroll throughout the park in packs.

Take plenty of pictures, and see for yourself why the lion is the king of the jungle!

Sankayi Restaurant

With all these activities, and the light dying out bit by bit, you will find yourself becoming more and more peckish, well worry not, we have in store for you, one of the best restaurants in Johannesburg. This beautiful restaurant is located in the Sandton area and is known for its mouthwatering Mediterranean menu. As you enter the venue, you will be left in awe of how well it’s decorated, the coziness of it, and last but not least, the impeccable staff that will tend to all your demands throughout the night.

The menu is designed to keep you wanting more and more, with the light yet gastronomic dishes, you will be restoring all lost energy you spent discovering Johannesburg.

Sankayi Lounge

Now that you have had your fill from the culinary extravaganza of Sankayi Restaurant, the night is still young, and we have yet to enjoy the nightlife of Sandton. The same venue in which you enjoyed that unique meal, is the one that will make you dance with its atmosphere, booming DJs, and great overall vibe. We welcome you to Sankayi Lounge, known to be amongst the best lounges in Sandton, a place where the music doesn’t stop, the cocktails are as creative as the platters they offer.