For over two decades now, Sankayi Lounge has been the place to be for nightlife lovers! Offering a beautiful setting, with prestigious and luxurious decor, and an impeccable and professional team that will make sure you get the best service. A lot of locals and traveling visitors have considered Sankayi Lounge to be one of the best venues for you to indulge in music, the delicious grub, and the atmosphere created. Moreover, Sankayi is also known for its restaurant and culinary prowess, with a renowned chef that has given the best possible gastronomic training to the resident chef and his team; and a new mouth-watering menu, which definitely makes Sankayi Restaurant and Lounge worth the detour!

You will discover with us throughout this article what makes Sankayi Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Sandton. Make sure, you are not reading this on an empty stomach, we are not responsible for any daydreaming of our menu!

Why did we choose Mediterranean food?

At Sankayi Restaurant and Lounge, we strive to give you nothing but the best, and that is why we have upgraded our menu with a Mediterranean touch!

Why Mediterranean cuisine you might ask?, well besides being very delicious, Mediterranean cuisine is known for being one of the most diverse and rich cuisines, unlike other ethnic gastronomies, the Mediterranean one represents multiple cultures and countries.
There are several types of Mediterranean culinary creations. Their influences come from Greece, Italy, and southern France, but also from countries in North Africa, such as Morocco and Egypt, and the Middle East, notably Palestine and Syria.

Mediterranean cuisine embodies the notion of sharing, family, and tradition. What makes it more appreciated is the fact that it is gourmet, generous and festive. It brings joy and sunshine to your plates!

If you happen to be looking for a light and delicious meal with a Mediterranean flair, Sankayi Restaurant is the right destination!

The New Sankayi Menu

With a team trained by renowned chefs, Sankayi Restaurant and Lounge prepared for you a varied and rich menu. Our chefs make sure to choose nothing but the best ingredients and products to concoct gourmet dishes that you will undoubtedly love!

Mediterranean ingredients and the way they are cooked also have health benefits. Indeed, for some time now, everyone has been talking only about the Mediterranean diet, which is good for the heart and for the body. Whether it’s olive oil, grilled vegetables, fish, or lean meat, all these products help fight cardiovascular disease. That’s not all! Many dishes are also vegetarian-friendly to satisfy all tastes.
You can always start your gastronomic journey with our thoughtful appetisers, ranging from our famous Chicken Satay, served with a spicy peanut sauce; or you can go for a smoked Spinach Veggie Ball, served with smoked Paprika and basil sauce. We also have our light yet very nutritious salads, and add to that our classic Beef burger. But if you are in a sharing mood, you can always order our rectangular pizzas served on a long sharing board, and the same goes for our grilled dishes.

So if you are in Sandton and wondering where to spend some quality time with your friends, colleagues, or loved ones, you can be sure that Sankayi Restaurant and Lounge is the perfect place for you! Our restaurant is all about offering you a refined experience, a luxurious venue, a top-notch service with a professional team, and an exceptional and improved menu with a Mediterranean touch that will exceed your expectations and that will keep you energized for the Sankayi lounge nightlife.