The world is forever growing and changing, and conducting business meetings over meals has become the norm, so let’s find out together, what are the etiquettes of having a successful business meeting while enjoying a great meal.

Choose the right venue

If you happen to be the host, or your company has left it in your hands to choose the venue for the business meeting, then you have come to the right place. If you happen to be located in Sandton, within the heart of Johannesburg, we suggest to you one of the best restaurants in all of Sandton, and that’s Sankayi Restaurant and Lounge.

The setting is very classy, curated with a touch of culture and coziness. This will help bring down the guard of your potential clients, and build a rapport between you and them.

The staff that is keeping the place running, are well trained professionals, with years of experience in the restaurant industry, and will make sure that the experience is seamless and matches the luxury that the restaurant exudes.

Let’s not forget about the most important thing here, this is after all a business meeting over dinner or lunch, and for Sankayi Restaurant and Lounge, they have a beautifully thought-out Mediterranean menu that will compliment your professional context; without forgetting to mention the way it is plated, is best described as eye candy, but the taste also matches the visuals. The gastronomic dishes will keep you light, and they are very easy to eat while carrying a conversation with your associates.

Dress to impress

It is very important for you to look very presentable during the business meeting, even if it is taking place at a restaurant. Nonetheless, there are different types of occasions, and you should look the part depending on the context. If you happen to be meeting clients, then you should definitely dress formally, if it’s more of an interview, you can rock the smart casual, but at the end of the day, make sure you are wearing something that would be acceptable for the occasion.  

Smart Casual For Women

Here are a few smart casual outfit ideas for the beautiful ladies:

  • Tops: To achieve the smart casual look, we suggest that you go for a variety of blouses, and from there you can play on the texture, colors, and even styling. You can a nice dressy jacket on top, or even a blazer, to really give it that formal mixture.
  • Bottoms: You can go for classy leggings, silk pants, or even a pair of chinos. Also depending on which top you have chosen, you can choose dress pants to break the look. Skinny jeans are also a great option.
  • Shoes: Let’s avoid any casual running shoes, and you can obviously elevate your look by going for heels, from low, mid to high, the choice is yours! You can also rock some knee-high boots if the weather allows it, and you also have the option to go with loafers or oxfords.
  • One-piece outfits: For the one-piece, you can obviously choose a beautiful dress, or even go with the unorthodox jumpsuit, and style it with a beautiful belt.
  • Accessories: Keep the look refined and your accessories light, so they can complement your outfit.

Be on time

Regardless of the outside of the work venue, you still need to be professional, and nothing says professional more than being on time.

If you do happen to arrive earlier than your party, then you should definitely notify the server, so they can start getting your table ready so you can indulge in the meeting in seamless fashion.

Lighten the mood

It’s always great to keep the conversation uplifting and very light, you can always discuss your travel plans, family events and the list goes on. Choose topics that are not controversial and wouldn’t deviate the overall conversation into an hour long debate. You have to also pick and choose your time, it can be a great breather, between closing contracts, or agreeing on specific terms in the meeting.

Be properly seated

As soon as you sit, make sure you maintain good posture during the meeting, and this goes without saying, do not place your elbows on the table.

Place your napkin on your lap, and let the meeting and the culinary journey begin!

Be courteous

Make sure you are following the host’s lead, and only start indulging in your meal, when everyone has started to eat as well.

Be very kind to your server, as this reflects directly on your personality, and leave a generous tip if it’s within your means.

You can also offer to refill your associates’ glasses, whether it’s with water or wine, and also open the door for them and ask if the entire experience was to their liking.

Make sure you follow these quick steps, and you will have a successful business meeting, while enjoying a unique gastronomic experience at Sankayi Restaurant and Lounge.