Sankayi restaurant and lounge is one of the best lounges in Sandton. If you are looking for an African lounge in Johannesburg that allows you to have an immersive experience in a deeply rich culture, this is where you should be heading. In this blog post, we will be discussing the music of Sankayi. We hope to offer you a glimpse of the richness of the African diaspora and how that influences music today and the nightlife in Sandton.

African diaspora music has largely influenced music listening culture as well as other genres of music such as hip-hop, R&B, reggae, afrobeat, etc., with our DJs playing more and more of these genres. Our interest is to journey through the inception of this genre of music and see how the Sankayi Lounge, an international lounge in Johannesburg, is a representation of such cultural richness and heritage.

The History of African Diaspora

The African Diaspora has a rich history that is full of contributions. At least 500,000 Africans escaped their homeland in 1900. This resulted in a large influx of people who wanted to escape poverty. In contrast with other groups who fled Africa for either political or slave-based reasons, most African American slaves were escaping from an unjust and oppressive situation. These people, who have now settled in islands and countries such as Trinidad, Jamaica, etc., make up the African diaspora.

Music Influence of African Diaspora

African diaspora music reflects the richness of the different cultures that came together to make it. This is because it combines African rhythms and melodies with modern pop music. African Diaspora music is influenced by the Zulus, with sounds from Senegal, Gambia, and other parts of the African continent. Other major influences on the sound of African diaspora music are ganjamanism and Haitian Vodou.

Sankayi and the musical African diaspora heritage

We must acknowledge that the exodus of Africans from the continent was largely a result of the transatlantic slave trade. This movement meant that Africans were uprooted from their homes and their culture. They brought with them their native African music and other cultural elements. Under such circumstances, there was little access to instruments, which created an emphasis on vocal work. Our goal is to preserve this heritage. This can be seen in the Sankayi music and even the Sankayi Sandton menu.

Sankayi Music: From its Beginnings to the Present

African diaspora music can be seen to recount the experiences and travels of the people. It has contributed significantly to the music scene around the world. From reggae to Afrobeat to Zouk music and much more.

In the Sankayi Lounge, our music honors the period from which it originates, cherishing the effects it had on the morale of tormented and distraught slaves. It has become a source of joy, bittersweet nostalgia, and a muse for new inspiration in hip-hop, R&B, and Afrobeat music even as we dance to it today.


A glimpse into the richness of the African diaspora is a journey through time. It reveals the experiences of the people and how that period of history influences our lives even now. We invite you to indulge in the richness of the African Diaspora culture in one of the best lounges in Johannesburg. We want you, our guests at the Sankayi Lounge, to enjoy the experience of a journey through time.