Are you a lover of Mediterranean food in Sandton? Then Sankayi restaurant is the place to go. The Mediterranean diet encourages health and sustainability. Our Mediterranean delicacies will include appetizers, salads, pizzas, burgers, grills, sides, platters, and sweet desserts. This article will explore delicious Mediterranean cuisine at Sankayi restaurant in Sandton that will delight you.

Appetizers of Sankayi Restaurant

At Sankayi restaurant, we offer you delicious Mediterranean meals based on your requirements. But just before the main course, you will be served appetizers to ensure your appetite is well stimulated.

Antipasto, beef and vegetable sliders, fresh oysters, fried prawn gambas, chicken sarnie, smoked spinach veggie balls, chicken wings, grilled calamari, and new style fish and chips are just a few of our delectable appetizers. All these sweet delicacies are made to ensure your appetite is whetted before the main course.

Salads of Sankayi Restaurant

Things keep getting sweeter at Sankayi restaurant. Have you ever tasted the green salad or fried chicken Caesar salad? At Sankayi restaurant, we offer you the most delicious salads ever.

Our green salad includes edamame beans, baby spinach, avocado, watercress, and parmesan, topped with a truffle lemon dressing. We also have fried chicken Caesar salad.

Pizzas and Burgers of Sankayi Restaurant

Sankayi restaurant, we offer you a unique experience that is fully tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Once you visit our restaurant, order a beef burger, and you will enjoy the perfect mixture between moistness and crispiness. The burger consists of beef, cheese, bacon jam, and fried onions, topped with mushroom sauce.

Our pizzas come in 4 different categories depending on your needs. We have classic Margherita pizza, and vegetarian pizza with bell peppers, olives, cherry tomatoes, and grilled baby marrow. For the lovers of chicken, we provide chicken pizza, and finally, we offer Mexicana pizza topped with Mexicana minced meat.

Grills and Sides of Sankayi Restaurant

At Sankayi restaurant, we also serve you grilled meats and sides that are even more delicious. Our grills include: oven-baked whole fish; lemon-grilled octopus; butterflied frilled prawns; baby chicken; beef fillet, pork ribs, and French-trim lamb rack. For the lovers of sides with their meals, don’t worry because we have tons of varieties for you. Our sides include mini salads, French fries, roasted vegetables, creamy spinach, and Mexican rice.

Platters of Sankayi Restaurant

Our platters are among the most fragrant and delectable meals in the restaurant. All people who have visited Sankayi restaurant have a story concerning our platters. The platters at Sankayi restaurant come with a green salad and a side of French fries that serve 4 to 6 people.

We have a seafood platter consisting of prawns, white wine mussels, fish satay, and fried squid heads served with Mexican rice and roasted garlic.

The Surf & Turf platter will involve prawns, fried squid heads, fish tacos, chicken wings, chicken tacos, empanadas trio, and BBQ ribs, served with homemade jus, aioli, BBQ sauce, and lemon butter sauce.

The meat platter will include a delicious set of meats that include ribs, grilled chicken wings, and samosa, all served with fries and steak sauce.

Sweet Desserts of Sankayi Restaurant

We are sure after those meals you are now full, but we must get you a sweet dessert. Our dessert includes a vanilla sundae made up of vanilla ice cream and crepe Suzette, which will involve French crepes, and finally, classic cheesecake.

Our menu is always evolving, and our resident chefs are pushing their culinary expertise on a daily basis. Join us at one of the best restaurants in Sandton, and indulge in our delicacies.